Videos & Recipes

Pick up tips and tricks and learn the ABCs of food sustainability - Avoid food waste, Buy local produce and Choose alternative proteins - in the videos below! From cooking demos to educational talks and workshops, watch to learn how you can play a part in building a more sustainable world through the food you eat. 

Cooking demonstrations

Check out the recipes and videos below for ideas on how to avoid food waste, use local produce and alternative proteins in your own cooking.

Pan Fried Barramundi Fillet with Luffa Gourd in Black Bean Sauce ​
by Chef Eric Neo

Black Truffle Siew Mai
by Chef Irene Yip and Dr Leslie Tay

Beyond Beef Korean Bibimbap & Rendang Impossible™ Meatballs
by Magnus Ekbom and James Chang

Grilled Fish & Hearty Bean Salad 
by Charlotte Mei

O Mamma Mia Pizza
by Yeo Pei Shan and

Go-Green Dumpling
by Yeo Pei Shan and

Tempeh Stir-fry with Thai Holy Basil
by Mary Ho

Karana Jackfruit Hoisin Pizza & Meat Chicken Parm
by Chef Addis Tan

Encik Tan Signature Curry Rice with Plant-based Schnitzel
by Chef Natasha

Buttered TiNDLE with Caramelised YETI Camembert, Green Kale and Green Peas Sauce 
by Chef Damian Piedrahita
Steamed Seabass with Assam Pedas Gravy, Wilted Kale with Stir-fry Mushroom & Steamed Egg Custard
by Chef Jimmy Chok

Savoury Impossible™️ Hash French Toast
by Chef Eric Neo

Fuss-Free Pastry with Carrot, Hummus and Salsa Dips
by Yeo Pei Shan and

Burger Melt & Chicken Noodle Soup
by Natasha Faisal

Talks and virtual farm tours

Watch the playbacks on past sessions and get up close and personal with industry players leading the way for food sustainability in Singapore.

Alternative Proteins at Your Hawker Next Door
Webinar in collaboration with Green Monday
 Local Eggs: Natural and nutritious
Educational talk and virtual farm tour with N&N Agriculture
EGG-ducation: What happens on an egg farm?
Educational talk and virtual farm tour with Seng Choon Farm

Heads-Up, Crops on Our Roofs!
Educational talk and virtual farm tour with ComCrop
Humble Roots of Our Local Food
Webinar in collaboration with VertiVegies and Bootle's
Fishing for Sustainability: The story of locally farmed fish
Educational talk and virtual farm tour with Barramundi Group

No Farmers, No Food!
Webinar in collaboration with The Local Farm
Tackling Food Waste: An iNTUitive approach
Webinar featuring Prof William Chen
Alternative Meating Plans
Webinar in collaboration with Shiok Meats

Watch the videos below to learn why avoiding food waste, buying local produce and choosing alternative proteins can help reduce the environmental impact of the food we eat.