Dr Leslie Tay

Medical Doctor and Food Consultant

Dr Leslie Tay has spent over a decade roaming around Singapore in search of the best hawker food and publishing his mouth-watering pictures and stories on ieatishootipost.sg. He has a growing following on Facebook of over 331k fans, 145k followers on Instagram and 14k subscribers on YouTube.

He is recognised as an authority on local food and has delivered talks on Singapore’s hawker cuisine to international and local audiences. He has appeared on numerous publications and TV programmes including the CNA Insider episode on Tanglin Halt in February 2021.

He also cooks and has published well-researched recipes of local dishes like pandan chiffon cake and sio bak. As a food consultant, he is responsible for the revamp of Shangri-La Hotel’s lobby lounge as a place for local heritage cuisine.

Dr Tay still practises as a family physician and is happily married with 2 young adult children.