Highlights from Ecosperity Week 2021

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Climate is the most critical element of our shared, collective future. We invest in the future we want. 

We rallied global leaders in the private and public sectors for the first-ever hybrid Ecosperity Week on 28-30 September 2021, which included the inaugural Singapore Sustainable Investing & Financing Conference. 

With the theme “Tomorrow Starts Today: From Crisis to Opportunity”, the conference focused on opportunities in decarbonisation solutions, including sustainable fuels for the aviation and maritime sectors, nature-based climate solutions, and tools that can help divert capital to address the climate crisis.

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Key Takeaways

Over three days, eminent global leaders from across sectors and industries spoke on a range of topics. A common theme was collaboration. Good government policies and incentives, business innovation and investments, partnership from civil society and the best of science will be needed to unlock various climate opportunities – from carbon markets to nature-based solutions, from green infrastructure financing to ESG integration.

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The two reports launched at Ecosperity Week 2021 focused on the opportunities in Southeast Asia's green economy, and the potential of a nature-positive economy for the wider Asia Pacific region.

Southeast Asia's Green Economy Report 2021: Opportunities on the Road to Net Zero by Bain & Company, Microsoft and Temasek unpacks the immense opportunities for Southeast Asia, as well as industries with the highest potential for growth over the next decade, with country sector deep dives. The report found that the energy transition, valuing nature and transforming our agri-food system can address up to 90 per cent of the region’s emissions. Scaling the region’s voluntary carbon markets is also a critical enabler to accelerate decarbonisation for Southeast Asia – a high-trust, credible market will help price carbon while incentivising the protection of our natural capital.

New Nature Economy: Asia's Next Wave by AlphaBeta, World Economic Forum and Temasek highlighted the urgency of tackling the biodiversity crisis and the immense potential of nature-positive solutions for the economy – USD 4.3 trillion in annual business value and the creation of 232 million jobs in Asia Pacific by 2030.

Southeast Asia's Green Economy Report 2021: Opportunities on the Road to Net Zero
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New Nature Economy: Asia’s Next Wave
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Climate Trailblazers: A Docuseries 

Innovative technologies are revolutionising the way we produce energy, materials and food, to be more efficient, and with low to zero carbon dioxide emissions. If adopted at scale, these solutions could be game-changing in our fight against climate change.

We spoke to 25 companies developing these innovative solutions - including a carbon negative protein made 'from thin air', sustainable fuel produced from renewable waste and residues, and fabric made from carbon emissions.

Watch the three-part Climate Trailblazers docuseries below or read about some of these solutions in this CNA article.



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Highlights from Ecosperity Week 2021