Vishal Agarwal

Senior Partner
McKinsey & Company

Vishal Agarwal is a Senior Partner in McKinsey’s Singapore office and leads the firm's Energy and Environment Sustainability work in Southeast Asia, where he advises and serves leading businesses across the energy and process manufacturing sectors.

In his 16 years with McKinsey, Vishal has worked with clients across Australia, China, India, and Southeast Asia to implement holistic transformations. Over the past few years, he has worked to reduce carbon intensity of these operations as well as help identify new growth opportunities for his clients in the context of decarbonisation and broader sustainability.

Selected examples of his recent client work include supporting one of largest power generation companies, where he helped develop a new strategic plan which considered the technological opportunities available to futureproof the business in the medium- to long-term, including conventional and renewable generation, ancillary services and supporting value chain activities.

Vishal holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore.