Dr Sonja Luz

Director, Conservation, Research & Veterinary Services
Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Dr Sonja Luz is currently the Director for Conservation, Research & Veterinary Services at Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS). WRS is the operator of Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, River Safari and Singapore Zoo.

Her work focuses on wildlife health and conservation issues of the ASEAN region, complementing her personal interest and expertise which resides in Conservation of Southeast Asian species and habitats, Zoo- and Wildlife medicine; Animal welfare; Strategic conservation planning and conservation capacity building.

Dr Luz is a governing council member of the IUCN Asian Species Action Partnership and a Co-convener of the Conservation Planning Specialist Group SEA Resource Center, both hosted by WRS.

She is also a member of several IUCN Species Survival Specialist Groups (i.e. Pangolin, Python & Boa, and Translocation Specialist Groups) and the Chair of the SEAZA Conservation Committee and Singapore Pangolin Working Group.