Manisha Tank

International News Broadcaster

Presenter Manisha Tank has more than 20 years of broadcast experience, having worked for Reuters, BBC World TV, SPH Radio and CNN International.

In addition to covering breaking news stories for CNN from Singapore, she currently manages a portfolio of blue chip clients, hosting radio, podcasts, global webinars and large scale events across the Asia Pacific, Middle East and UK, both in person and virtually. Her main areas of coverage include net-zero transition finance, the global economy, digital transformation, fintech and financial inclusion. Manisha is also an angel investor focusing only on start-ups addressing the United Nations SDGs.

In addition to her broadcasting career, Manisha is a life and leadership coach and serves on committees for non-profits including The Oxbridge Society of Singapore and Singapore's Dover Park Hospice. She is a special advisor to British charity, KalaTheArts, an organisation promoting South Asian dance and culture.