Dale Hardcastle

Partner & Director, Global Sustainability Innovation Center
Bain & Company

Dale Hardcastle is a partner in Bain’s Singapore office, where he leads the Southeast Asia Energy and Natural Resources team. He is Co-director of the Global Sustainability Innovation Center (GSIC) in Singapore, an ESG-focused center established to help companies accelerate the time to impact in their sustainability strategies and path to a low-carbon economy.

Since joining Bain, Dale has worked across multiple industries, including energy and natural resources, renewable power, food systems, mobility, private equity and technology. He has worked alongside clients on large transformation efforts – including those to address the energy transition, corporate venturing, decarbonisation, sustainability, operational improvement and the innovation agenda. 

Dale has also worked with multiple strategic associations in ASEAN, the Alliance to End Plastic Waste and the World Business Council on Sustainable Development on sustainability efforts.  

Dale’s more than 20 years of experience in the energy and resources sector offers a practical foundation to help companies in building competitive advantage and purpose through their sustainability strategies while meeting rising expectations of both investors and society at large.

Prior to joining Bain, Dale spent nearly a decade helping found and build Schlumberger's management consulting business across Asia.