Adam Matthews

Chief Responsible Investment Officer, Church of England Pensions Board
Chair, Global Investor Commission on Mining 2030​

Adam is the Chief Responsible Investment Officer (CRIO) at the £3.4 billion Church of England Pensions Board. He is the co-Director of the Investment Team with the CIO. In developing the Pensions Board approach to climate change, he founded the $60 trillion in AUM backed Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI) which established the TPI Global Climate Transition Centre at the London School of Economics. TPI assess publicly listed companies and sovereign debt issuers on their governance of climate risk and alignment to the Goals of the Paris Agreement.

He is the Chair of the multi-stakeholder Global Investor Commission on Mining 2030 that commenced work in September 2023 with the support of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of Cape Town together with investors with $13 trillion in AUM. The Commission has been established to create a consensus across the finance sector for a vision of socially and environmentally responsible mining. The Commission will also focus on the intersection between mineral extraction and conflict.

Following the Brumadinho Tailings Dam disaster in Brazil in January 2019 that killed 272 people, Adam set up and Chairs the $25 trillion backed Mining and Tailings Safety Initiative to lead the investor response to the disaster.