Trash to Fash is the first-ever upcycling competition by Temasek, organised in conjunction with Ecosperity Week 2019. The competition was initiated to raise public awareness about the circular economy and inspire youths to develop sustainable solutions. The three-month competition challenged participants to design clothing using rPET fabric and other upcycled materials.

25 participating teams collected over 5,250 bottles to exchange for rPET fabric, attended workshops with mentors in the fashion and design industry, and spent time creating their apparel and developing pitch videos for their designs. The designs of the top eight finalist teams were exhibited at Ecosperity Week 2019.


Deformed Soul [1st]

By Team Ethicals
Kee Kai Xuan and Teh Qian Yu

“Youths nowadays express themselves through social media and should have a safe medium offline – such as fashion – to do the same.” Featuring a hump-like shape and huge arms, Deformed Soul represents a distorted view of the human body which is still beautiful, thus giving moral support to wearers who have experienced discrimination because of their looks.

What You See is not What You See [2nd]

By Team JIHK
Ivana Karin & Jessica Hartono

Sustainable fashion involves cultivating the relationship between consumer and product as there is more than meets the eye. Consumers, including youths, are largely unaware about the story behind their outfits. What You See is not What You See is trendy high-street outfit suitable for special occasions, explicitly branded as being made from upcycled materials so as to create awareness.

Sustain [3rd]

By Team ZP
Psalmist Peh and Goh Zi Qi

Sustain is an outfit designed for youths who spend their days working or studying, but prefer to unwind after a long day. It fulfils the daily dress code in office or school, but is also trendy enough for an evening of fun, despite being made from upcycled materials. Sustain aims to kick-start a movement to integrate environmental sustainability into the everyday lives of youths.


Trash to Fash works with mentors in the fashion and sustainability space to guide participants through the competition, from design-thinking to product-making.

Founder and Designer, KALAIA Director, Brand and Comms, Antworks
Head of Customer Experience
Style Theory
Project Manager
Founder Connected
Threads Asia
Managing Director
Miniwiz Singapore
Sustainability Manager
H&M Southeast Asia


Win S$8,000 in cash prizes

Showcase your design to an international audience at Ecosperity Week

Be a part of the exciting grand finale runway show



Trash to Fash is the first-ever upcycling competition by Temasek, held in conjunction with Ecosperity Week 2019.

Trash to Fash is a 3-month long competition that begins with the call for applications in early March 2019, and culminates in the Fashion Show Finale on 3 June 2019.

Simply head over to the Eventbrite page to apply!

Anyone - as long as you are above 17 years of age and are residing in Singapore at the time of your application.

Having a fashion background is advantageous, but not necessary.

While having apparel-making skills is not a requirement to participate in this competition, it is highly encouraged and would greatly help in creating an outstanding product. If you need the skills, team up with someone who has them!

We'll be in touch to ask you some questions. 25 individuals / teams will be selected to participate based on their written responses. You'll be notified of your application outcome, and selected applicants will be announced on the Facebook event page on 25 March 2019. Be sure to indicate 'Interested' or 'Going' on the event page to receive notifications!

We'll notify you by email. Evaluation is based on your written responses to the follow-up questions after you apply - so be sure to explain your understanding of and aspirations towards a zero waste future in your response!

Yes! The briefing session on 30 March 2019 is compulsory for all selected participants as you'll receive important information about the competition on that day.

You will need to submit 2 items:

  • 2-3 A4 pages of your design sketches and summary of consumer research based on the challenge statement
  • A 2-3 min video to pitch your finished product and document your apparel-making process

Details will be provided to successful applicants at the briefing session and in the competition manual for successful applicants.

The challenge statement will be released during the briefing session, but a hint has already been released!

The top 8 finalists will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • No. of PET bottles collected
  • Innovativeness and creativity of design
  • Success in meeting the needs of target consumers
  • Number of votes (likes) on each team's pitch video, on the Trash to Fash Facebook event page

Besides a great learning experience, designs by the top 8 finalist individuals/teams will face off in a runway finale event on 3 June 2019 for cash prizes:

  • 1st prize: S$5,000
  • 2nd prize: S$2,000
  • 3rd prize: S$1,000

All 8 designs will also be showcased at Ecosperity Week, where over 2,000 global business leaders are expected to convene.

All 25 individuals/teams selected to participate will also be invited to attend an exclusive talk by Robert Swan, the first person to traverse both Poles, and Professor Adam Switzer, a climate scientist, held during Ecosperity Week. The by-invitation only event will be on the afternoon of 6 June 2019, at Marina Bay Sands. As part of the afternoon's programme, participants will also enjoy a guided tour of the Ecosperity Showcase to learn about cutting-edge technologies and solutions to some of our biggest sustainability challenges in food, energy and waste management.


Click here to read the terms and conditions of entry.