Day 2: Reimagining Nature and Resources

28 SEP 2021

Morning plenary

Timings indicated are Singapore time (GMT+8)
09:00 – 09:30
Opening Address
30 mins
Heng Swee Keat speaker frame
Heng Swee Keat

Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies, Republic of Singapore

09:30 – 09:45
New Nature Economy: Asia’s Next Wave
15 mins

Businesses are highly dependent on nature; over half of global GDP – US$44 trillion – is at risk from nature loss. Climate change is responsible for 11-16% of biodiversity loss, but the remaining ~85% is largely driven by land and ocean use change, overexploitation or pollution. The momentum for a shift towards a nature-positive economy is growing, where our economic activities not only minimise impact, but also enhance ecosystems. Such a nature-positive approach could unlock massive business opportunities and jobs. What are some of these nature-positive business opportunities in Asia? How can they help tackle biodiversity challenges? And what are some of the barriers and enablers to capture these opportunities?

Akanksha Khatri speaker frame
Akanksha Khatri

Head of Nature and Biodiversity, World Economic Forum

Dr Fraser Thompson speaker frame
Dr Fraser Thompson

Managing Director & Founder, AlphaBeta

09:45 – 10:45
Asia’s Nature-based Climate Solutions 
60 mins

Natural climate solutions can help companies to address climate and deforestation impacts, create resilient supply chains, engage employees and customers, offer net positive products and achieve net-zero emissions. What is the science behind nature-based solutions, and how can nature-based solutions be a solution for corporates, especially in Asia? 

Speakers and Moderator
Prof Koh Lian Pin speaker frame
Prof Koh Lian Pin

Associate Vice President & Chief Sustainability Scientist, National University of Singapore

Huo Li speaker frame
Huo Li

Deputy Director of Corporate Engagement, TNC China Programme

Felia Salim speaker frame
Felia Salim

Board Member, &Green Fund and Indonesia Eximbank

Martijn Wilder AM speaker frame
Martijn Wilder AM

Founding Partner, Pollination Group

Kavita Prakash-Mani speaker frame
Kavita Prakash-Mani

Founder, Dragonfly Advisory

11:15 – 12:30
Sustaintech Xcelerator 2021 Demo Day
75 mins

The need for nature-based climate solutions (NbS) has never been greater as we combat climate change and battle the collapse of biodiversity. The Sustaintech Xcelerator sees the marriage of nature and technology as vital in bringing solutions to help transform NbS monitoring, reporting and verification from a manual, infrequent and fragmented process into one that is continuous and transparent in monitoring the performance and impact of an NbS project.

The inaugural Sustaintech Xcelerator Demo Day showcases the 2021 cohort’s technologies, innovation and solutions in increasing confidence in NbS. Hear from five start-ups that leverage disruptive technologies and data, such as AI and climate science models, remote sensing and IoT technologies among others. 

Speakers and Moderator
Bidyut Dumra speaker frame
Bidyut Dumra

Head of Innovation, DBS Bank

Takuya Kamata speaker frame
Takuya Kamata

Director for Singapore, World Bank

Mauro Sauco speaker frame
Mauro Sauco

Director, Office of the CTO, Google Cloud

Dr Allister Furey speaker frame
Dr Allister Furey

Co-founder & CEO, Sylvera

Jack Roswell speaker frame
Jack Roswell

CEO & Co-founder, Perennial

Emily Shinzato speaker frame
Emily Shinzato

Co-founder & Director of People and Performance, Treevia Forest Technologies

Will Sheldon speaker frame
Will Sheldon

Commercial Director, FARM-TRACE and Taking Root

Topher White speaker frame
Topher White

Founder & CEO, Rainforest Connection (RFCx)

David Ding speaker frame
David Ding

Head of Grants, Innovation Practices and Xcelerators, DBS Bank

Afternoon plenary

Timings indicated are Singapore time (GMT+8)
14:00 – 15:30
Innovating to Sustain 10 Billion People Within Planetary Limits
90 mins

We risk growing beyond planetary boundaries as the world population heads towards the 10 billion mark by 2050. Clearly, we will need new resource systems to sustain our burgeoning population, and we need them soon. Bright spots are emerging as new innovations promise more sustainable ways to produce energy, food and materials. What is needed for these solutions to be scaled quickly for maximum impact? What can governments and large corporations do to create a nurturing environment for innovative start-ups to thrive? 

Speakers and Moderator
Peter Bakker speaker frame
Peter Bakker

President & CEO, World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Matthias Berninger speaker frame
Matthias Berninger

Senior Vice President Public Affairs, Science & Sustainability, Bayer AG

Chng Kai Fong speaker frame
Chng Kai Fong

Managing Director, Singapore Economic Development Board

Lin Fengru speaker frame
Lin Fengru

Co-founder & CEO, TurtleTree Labs

David A.M. Wallerstein speaker frame
David A.M. Wallerstein

Chief eXploration Officer & Senior Executive Vice President, Tencent Holdings

Yeoh Keat Chuan speaker frame
Yeoh Keat Chuan

Deputy Head, Enterprise Development Group, Temasek

15:30 – 15:50
Southeast Asia Green Economy 2021 Report: Opportunities on the Road to Net Zero
20 mins

2021 is the year of climate action as ‘Net Zero’ takes center stage globally, and conversations shift from problems to solutions and action. Southeast Asia has responded in step with governments, businesses, and investors all committing to new actions. Yet the path from aspiration to results will be one of immense challenge and opportunity for many, enabled by digitization and technological innovations. The ‘Southeast Asia Green Economy’ 2021 report by Bain & Company, Microsoft, and Temasek will showcase where the regional action is today, where Southeast Asia is on the ‘road to Net Zero’, and which sectors and opportunities offer the greatest potential in the decade ahead.

Dale Hardcastle speaker frame
Dale Hardcastle

Global Head, Carbon Markets & Director, Global Sustainability Innovation Center, Bain & Company

Gerry Mattios speaker frame
Gerry Mattios

Co-director, Bain’s Global Sustainability Innovation Center

Evening plenary

Timings indicated are Singapore time (GMT+8)
20:00 – 21:00
Ecosperity Conversations Special Edition: Reconnecting with Nature
60 mins

COVID-19 is a poignant reminder that human life is inextricably linked to nature and our environment: wildlife exploitation, deforestation and biodiversity destruction all increase the risk of disease transmissions from animals to humans. Nature also provides us with many vital ecosystem services, such as the air, food and water we need to survive, climate regulation, carbon sequestration and many more. All around the world, as countries and cities went into lockdown, people sought to reconnect with nature. 

How has the pandemic affected our relationship with nature? This session will explore perspectives on why nature is indispensable to sustainable development, and how we can collectively work alongside nature, and not against it, in a post-pandemic world.

Speakers and Moderator
Dr Jane Goodall, DBE speaker frame
Dr Jane Goodall, DBE

Founder, The Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

Raha Islam speaker frame
Raha Islam

Roots & Shoots Club Leader, Chang Jung Christian University

Ernst Kwok speaker frame
Ernst Kwok

Volunteer Fundraising & Partnerships Manager, Jane Goodall Institute of Singapore

Tan Shi Zhou speaker frame
Tan Shi Zhou

President, Earthlink NTU

Audrey Tan speaker frame
Audrey Tan

Assistant News Editor, The Straits Times