Ecosperity Conversations

Towards a Clean Earth: From Oceans to Cities

Hear from three inspiring speakers about the urgency to conserve and protect our oceans and cities in this special edition of the Ecosperity Conversations series.

As part of the programme, participants will get to go on an exclusive tour of the Ecosperity Showcase, where some of the most innovative technologies in energy, circular economy and food will be on display. 

Admission is free. For more information on this special edition of the Ecosperity Conversations, please contact us.

This special edition of the Ecosperity Conversations is part of the line-up of events during Ecosperity Week in June 2019.



6 JUN 2019
00:40 - 04:20

Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Level 3, Jasmine Ballroom
(Marina Bay Sands)

08:40 – 09:10
Tour of Ecosperity Showcase
30 mins

There are two tour options available - one before and one after the talks

08:15 – 09:25
70 mins
09:25 – 09:30
Welcome Remarks
5 mins
09:30 – 09:45
Tipping Points
15 mins

Dr Beatrice Crona will introduce the notion of ‘tipping elements’ in the Earth system and provide a short, state-of-the-art review of the scientific knowledge surrounding this rapidly evolving field of enquiry. Dr Crona will show why the lack of consideration of such Earth system tipping points constitute a real and significant risk, and why debates and action strategies to address climate change would benefit from incorporating these insights from scientists who study our planet as a complex system.

Dr Beatrice Crona speaker frame
Dr Beatrice Crona

Deputy Science Director, Stockholm Resilience Centre

09:45 – 10:25
Creating #OurCleanEarth
40 mins

Laurel Chor is a journalist from Hong Kong who takes photos, writes, and makes films. She is also a National Geographic Explorer, Ambassador for the Jane Goodall Institute Hong Kong, and Founder of Hong Kong Exploration Initiative. She is passionate about telling stories that provoke awe about the world around us, and about the power within us to change it. Laurel will share her past and current work and how we can contribute in creating a clean Earth.

Laurel Chor speaker frame
Laurel Chor

National Geographic Explorer

10:25 – 10:45
Tea Break
20 mins
10:45 – 11:30
The Ocean in the Anthropocene: Threats, Challenges and Solutions
45 mins

The ocean is the largest ecosystem on Earth with a volume of 1.3 billion cubic kilometres and an average depth of 4,200 meters. It regulates temperature, climate and atmospheric gases and is a vital source of food and other natural resources. But vast reaches of the ocean interior have not been explored and more people have stood on the moon than have visited the deepest point in the ocean. Despite its enormous size, the ocean is now changing rapidly as a result of human activities such as overfishing, destructive fishing practices, habitat destruction through coastal development, pollution - including plastic debris - and the introduction of alien species. These impacts are superimposed on the pervasive effects of climate change which are causing warming of the ocean, acidification and a decline in ocean oxygenation. But the ocean has miraculous powers of recovery if pressures are removed from it. If we are to transform the oceans from decline to recovery, we must act quickly and decisively to reduce the pressures it is under and to protect a significant portion of the ocean area from extraction.

Prof Alex Rogers speaker frame
Prof Alex Rogers

Science Director, REV Ocean Foundation

11:40 – 12:20
Tour of Ecosperity Showcase
40 mins

There are two tour options available - one before and one after the talks.

About the speakers

Deputy Science Director
Stockholm Resilience Centre
National Geographic Explorer
Science Director
REV Ocean Foundation