Ahmad Wani

Co-founder & CEO
One Concern

Ahmad Wani serves as the CEO and Co-founder of One Concern. Ahmad directs the company’s day-to-day operations and is responsible for developing and executing its long-term strategy and vision.

A native of Kashmir, South Asia, Ahmad survived the devastation of major disasters that impacted his family and community, providing the inspiration that fuels his commitment to building global resilience. Recognising the inadequacy of traditional disaster solutions, Ahmad and his team at One Concern are using artificial intelligence to revolutionise the world’s understanding of natural phenomena sciences and quantify resilience from catastrophic perils, empowering leaders to measure, mitigate, and monetize risk, so disasters are not so disastrous.

Ahmad holds a Graduate Degree in Structural Engineering, focusing on seismic engineering, from Stanford University. Before attending Stanford, Ahmad graduated top of his class at the National Institute of Technology, India, earning a Gold Medal for distinction.