21 SEP 2021

Climate Trailblazers: Reimagining Our Future

Exciting new technologies have emerged, setting the gears in motion for a new industrial revolution. This documentary series, comprising three short episodes, examines new production approaches that decouple social and economic growth from carbon emissions.

The series is a showcase of innovations from 25 companies across the world, who have developed new approaches to producing energy, materials and food. These new approaches, if adopted at scale, could move the needle on climate change. The firms' business models also prove that sustainability is good for business, as consumers and whole industries alike look towards playing their part in slowing the damage and creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.     

The Future of Energy

An energy revolution is gathering momentum, to enable clean and renewable power to be harvested everywhere, along with new technologies to make our consumption of energy much more efficient. There are also new solutions for liquid fuels, to decarbonise sectors that are typically hard to abate. Discover the future of energy in the first episode of the "Climate Trailblazers: Reimagining Our Future" docuseries, showcasing new technologies that are revolutionising the production of energy.

The Future of Materials

We’ve arrived at the dawn of a new industrial revolution. One where waste becomes resource, where materials get a valuable second life - or as many lives as possible.. and where they are produced much more efficiently. The second episode of the "Climate Trailblazers: Reimagining Our Future" docuseries examines the future of materials, from bioplastics to clothes made with the help of carbon emissions; from cotton grown in a lab, to new leathers made without animals, and to low carbon and more sustainable cement.

The Future of Food

Food. It sustains us and so much more. But at the rate we’re eating, the world needs to grow as much as 70% more food in just 30 years - an unthinkable target if how we eat and grow food remains unchanged. An agricultural revolution is underway, turning what was once science fiction into reality. The third episode of the "Climate Trailblazers: Reimagining Our Future" docuseries examines bold new technologies emerging which reduce the environmental impact of food production: vegetables grown more efficiently in controlled settings, plant-based meats, proteins from microalgae, lab-grown meat, cultivated milk, even 'solein', a protein made from thin air!