Tan Shi Zhou

Earthlink NTU

Shi Zhou is an undergraduate reading Materials Science & Engineering at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). With a strong passion for sustainable technology and development, he is actively involved in sustainability-based projects since 2016. The former President of Temasek Polytechnic Green Interest Group currently holds appointments in various local, regional, and global youth-led environmental NGOs such as JGIS, AEYN and YOUNGO. Beyond his involvement in the various NGOs, Shi Zhou has also partaken in academic research, entrepreneurship projects, and corporate development as well.

Shi Zhou is also currently President of Earthlink NTU, the largest student-led environmental group in NTU, where he oversaw projects on biodiversity conservation, nature appreciation and habitat restoration. He also sits on the Long-Tailed Macaque Committee as a student representative to assist in the recent human-macaque incidents on campus. Shi Zhou aspires to be a researcher on environmental technologies, with the goal of contributing to the fields of clean energy and green materials in the future.