Sandeep Nijhawan

Co-Founder & CEO

Sandeep Nijhawan is the co-founder and CEO of Electra, the company decarbonizing iron and steelmaking through an electrochemical, renewable-energy-powered process.

Nijhawan has been at the centre of deep-technology and venture investments for over 20 years, leading international companies to garage-based start-ups and transforming nascent ideas into global enterprises. Prior to starting Electra in 2020, he was an operating partner of True North Venture Partners and president of two electrochemistry-focused cleantech start-ups: AquaHydrex, which developed an electrolyser for the hydrogen economy, and Staq Energy, which developed distributed energy storage solutions.

Earlier in his career, Nijhawan was a senior vice president at Intermolecular, specializing in accelerating R&D of innovative materials for electronics. He also founded and was CEO of LED start-up Siorah Incorporated, as well as incubated Applied Materials’ LED business from concept to commercialization.