June 5, 2018
5 min read

Robin Hu's Closing Remarks at Ecosperity 2018

Head of Sustainability & Stewardship Group at Temasek, Robin Hu, delivering the closing remarks at Ecosperity 2018 

Friends, partners, ladies and gentleman. Once again, you deserve a round of applause for your cheerful perseverance. It takes a tenacious spirit to last the full course.  Looking at the audience from this vantage point, I guess we have done all right. 

When Ecosperity first began five years ago, the programme was all of three quarters of a day long. 370 delegates attended, when perhaps the awareness and urgency of what the triple bottom-line concept of performance, people and planet was less appreciated than it is today. There was no exhibition to highlight innovations, and it was very much a closed-door exchange of views among only those who were there.

Five years later, we have made progress. Ecosperity 2018 welcomed 600 delegates including 100 young leaders from 23 countries, our biggest and the most international flavoured gathering so far.  We incorporated three thematic eco-friendly exhibitions inside a Networking Lounge which many of you put to good use in holding your sideline meetings, or simply grabbing a cup of coffee from Bettr Barista, a social impact enterprise.  

From three quarters of a day, Ecosperity became an event-packed 3-day season this year.  This is made possible by the many partners with whom we forged a strong alliance with. An alliance cemented by an alignment of conviction of wanting not just to do well as investors, corporations and policy makers, but also do good for our communities and doing right, so that when our times are up, we leave behind a sustainable world for future generations.

I must therefore thank our like-minded partners this year – they are our long standing partners Stewardship Asia Roundtable, Global Compact Network CEO Roundtable, UNLEASH Marketplace, Sustainable Solutions Expo and the Youth Ecosperity Dialogue. 

Within a short span of five years, with the help of our friends and partners, it is rewarding to see how Ecosperity has evolved from a singular Platform of Knowledge Sharing to a nexus linking an Exchange of Ideas, a Showcase of Innovation, a Hunting Ground for Talents and last but not least a Market Place for Venture Capital.

Together, they form a diverse and open ecosystem that help take UN Sustainable Development Goals into the corporate world to bring about genuine change.  So, a big THANK YOU to our partners.     

At Temasek and Ecosperity, we recognise the importance of weaving Youth and Innovation together to demonstrate how a better tomorrow begins with the right ideas today.  The United Nations had clearly defined what a better tomorrow should look like with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the year 2030.  Question is – how do we get there?       

On this, UNLEASH showed us the way with youthful exuberance and fertile imagination.  Just visit the UNLEASH Facebook Page and you will get a sense of what I meant. Over a 8-day period, about 1,000 young innovators from 106 countries covering all continents of the world except Antarctica, gathered in Singapore to partner one another to work on new, innovative and disruptive ideas to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Some of them will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to venture capitalists and corporate incubators in our midst and I hope many of you will be able to make time to attend The UNLEASH Awards Show tomorrow in the next hall – our smart investors may well be spotting their next unicorn then. I am also reliably informed the UNLEASH Closing Party is an occasion not to be missed and one that guarantees all your inhibitions will be summarily unleashed!

“Tomorrow Starts Today – From Ideas to Impact”. The theme of this year’s conference compels us to take action.  Don’t be a cheerleader, be a leader. Influence and help make an impact. Let us now take a look at the results of the pledges you have taken today. 

Finally, remember to take your personalised tote bag with you and use it to remind you of the pledge you have taken today. Each of us may be limited in our means, but together we can shape the world.

Ecosperity 2019 will be held on 6th June 2019, one day after the World Environment Day. The theme will be on The Environment, Climate and Clean Earth. Until we meet again, remember to EAT HEALTHY, BE ACTIVE and KEEP LEARNING.  

Thank you and see you next year.