About Ecosperity

Presented by Temasek, Ecosperity is a series of conferences that places the spotlight on sustainable development. Bringing together corporate leaders, innovators, policy-makers and experts from all over the world, it continues to push the frontiers of sustainable development by exploring its latest trends and insights.

Discussing sustainability topics with a business focus, we explore how growth can thrive in a sustainable fashion.

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Ecosperity Yearbook

Here’s a look back at our past conferences, where you can learn more about the topics discussed and the insights shared by our speakers.

Tomorrow Starts Today!
Securing our Sustainable Future in Asia
In 2017, we explored what it means for businesses to integrate the values of sustainability and translate these into practice – from investing responsibility to considering the nexus between security and sustainability in Asia and beyond.
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Sustainable Living
Sustaining Lives
In 2016, we explored the fascinating possibilities and boundaries of scientific discovery, technological innovation and discussed the key success factors for the pursuit of better living for growing populations in harmony with other natural systems.
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Urbanisation: Developing Cities for a Sustainable Future
In 2015, we focused on urbanisation and the challenges and opportunities arising from developing smart and sustainable cities.
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Towards Sustainable Growth in the Natural Resources Industries
In 2014, we focused on global energy, mining and agriculture, which are at the core of Asia’s economic growth. Speakers shared ideas and best practices on balancing environmental objectives across these industries in both established and frontier regions.
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